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Is Gene Simmons from iconic rock band Kiss bald?


After surgery, revealing receding hairline

The short answer is yes and no.

Yes in that Gene Simmons is definitely balding, and is cosmetically considered to be thin on top, and no in that he still has some remnants of hair, that if left untouched would resemble an average middle-aged man with a receding hairline and an ever growing bald spot on the crown, along with general thinning all round.

Gene Simmons perhaps has these remnants of hair not because of his genes, but despite them, because his balding began while he was still in his twenties, and as a result by age sixty he would have no hair left on the frontal regions nor on the crown.

In other words, the hair that Gene Simmons currently has, as thin and receding as it may be, is actually the result of a number of hair transplants that he has had starting off back in the 1980s.

But why does Gene Simmons’ hair, as evidence in his reality family TV show called “Family Jewels”, cover his whole head? Well, it is the result of hair transplants, strategic hair styling, heavy use of hair spray, and the limited use of hair extensions, that thicken the hair and give the illusion that his hairline has moved forward.

It should however be noted that Gene Simmons has, from time to time, also worn full-blown hair pieces.gene-simmons-bald-gag

His ever shifting hairline is a testament to this, along with his sometimes odd looking hair parts. But he no longer wears hair pieces, preferring the more natural looking hair extensions, along with the creative styling of the hair he has left.


Wearing a toupe

Now I will mention that there is a picture going around on the web that shows Gene Simmons in a car with ex-playboy bunny and now wife Shannon Tweed, with a completely bald head. This is being purported by some to be evidence that Gene Simmons is completely bald, while others are alleging that the photo is merely doctored.

Well, in fact, the photo is real, but it was a prank played on Gene’s TV show, whereby he wore an artificial skin over his scalp. Simmons, as many already know, would do anything for ratings and for dollars.

Now, when it comes to Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley, despite his frequent denials that he wears a wig, does most definitely wear one.  Paul Stanley has avoided having a hair transplant, for two primary reasons.

paul stanley kiss bald

Paul Stanley Bald

First of all, Paul Stanley started losing his hair in his early 40s, almost two decades after Gene Simmons started losing his. By this stage Stanley perhaps saw the results of a hair transplant on Gene Simmons, and realised that it was not going to give him back his youthful hair.

Secondly,  Stanley looked half-decent in toupes, a look that he could never achieve with a hair transplant, and he seems to have settled with this approach ever since.

However, one look at the adjacent photo and you quickly realise that Paul Stanley without wig and make-up, pretty much looks like any other 60+ y/o aging jewish american, perhaps how he looks in his normal day to day business when he is not busy being a rock god.

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