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Toupée In the Closet: Top 5 Secretly Bald Celebrities

5. How is this for a great movie genre?

Steven-Segal-Secretly-Bald_Hair-Wise.comIncredible fight scenes, terrible acting and an appalling toupée. No wait, someone has already beat me to it.

When one sees a modern day Steven Seagal movie, you will be excused for thinking that despite the absolutely lame acting, the movie could still be half-enjoyable because of the great fighting scenes. Seagal is afterall a 7th dan Aikido karate champion, but no matter how enjoyable and realistic the fight scenes, I still can’t get over how a Hollywood can film an entire movie in such a shocking toupée.

Seagal’s breakthrough role was as Nico in Above The Law released  1988. During that time, Seagals hair was so thin in the front that you could literally see right through it.  As if it were magic, Seagal showed up with a full head of hair and an annoyingly full head of hair in his next role. As of that moment his hair has never showed any sign of thinning or receding. Most Hollywood stars choose for a gradual intervention in their hair because they don’t want to draw to much attention. These kind of trifles however, apparently are not Seagals cup of tea.

4. John Travolta’s secret is a secret no more. 

John-Travolta-Secretly-Bald_Hair-Wise.comNo, I am not referring to the relentless rumours about his sexuality, but to something perhaps even more surprising, his hair.

John Travolta, who was launched into super-stardom in part because of his long, greasy hair in the movie mega-hit Grease, it seems has been going without, at least as far as to how he looks off-set.

I guess we should have known because his hairline seems to have regularly shifted up and down, unnaturally so, in many pictures taken over the last two decades.

The question is how long as this been going on? My guess is probably around Look Whose Talking Too.

3. Mr Lisa-Marie Presley.

Nicholas-Cage-Secretly-Bald_Hair-Wise.comNicholas Cage is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and a one in-demand actor in his own right. Cage is however these days better known for his whacky and short-term marriages to the likes of Lisa-Marie Presley, and to his increasingly desperate attempts to save his once luscious golden locks.

Nicholas Cage managed to defy nature by skilfully redistributing the little hair he had left to give him an extra decade or so of leading man roles, at one point a few years ago even being linked to a Hollywood take on the Superman franchise.

But time has finally caught up with Nicholas Cage. Despite his frequent hair transplants , Cage has had to concede at least part of his battle with male pattern baldness and now is often seen wearing a mini-toupée which has moved his prominent widows peak slightly forward, while also covering up his significant hair loss in his crown area.

2. Supermodel who is known for pulling other people’s hair.

Naomi-Campbell-Secretly-Bald_Hair-Wise.comSuper Model Naomi Campbell shocked the world after recent photos of her bald patches were revealed after she was photographed on a yacht. The photos show extensive hair damage. While she is normally photographed with a full head of hair, this time, the front half of her scalp was revealed, showing patches of sparse hair.

And the cause of this extensive hair loss? No, its not female pattern hair loss, alopecia or even hair loss as a result of some form of medical treatment. Its the result of self-administered hair damage, known in medical terms as traction alopecia. This condition occurs when pulling hair for long periods of time, which eventually kill the hair follicle.

So was this the result of spoilt models pulling each other’s hair while having a cat fight? The answer is No! Its actually the result of hair extensions, which although provide immediate thickening of the hair by gluing extra bits of hair for a great, natural looking result, the extra weight also cause damage, in many cases permanent damage like what is seen for Naomi.

1. All round goofy nice guy and action hero.

Brendan-Frazer-Secretly-Bald_Hair-Wise.comBrendan Frazer, he of The Mummy franchise, amongst many other movie roles which typically see him playing the handsome but quirky leading man, Frazer has made a handsome living out of his looks. However, like the parts he plays in movies, his looks are also make believe.

Frazer has significantly diffuse hair loss, which suggests that his hair loss probably started while he was in his teens or early twenties. So a before and after shot may be a bit difficult given that perhaps all his movie roles were played while wearing a toupée.

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